This website features my woodcuts, book illustrations (also woodcuts),
paintings, and collages. My recent work has been predominantly woodcut.

For me, woodcuts are about the art of drawing. A drawing for me has always been a distillation of observation and some more intimate connecting truth about my subject. Through the medium of the woodcut, I have found that I can pursue this approach to an extent greater than pure drawing will allow. When carving directly on wood, with handtools or with a dremel, there is an immediacy and spontaneity which I find totally engaging. I like the resistance of the wood—it imposes limitations that encourage an essential simplicity. In making a woodcut I am often able to subdue my intellect and sustain a somewhat meditative state of creativity.

Thematically, the natural world has been my subject matter. This motif includes the landscape and much that is found within it, both in woodcut and in painting. The painting archive includes works over a relatively long period and is organized by theme.

With collage, I have diverged from the natural world as theme. By its very nature, collage is an assemblage of diverse elements, and the process allows for a more thoughtful and perhaps playful interplay of ideas.