It is the natural world––the landscape and the myriad creatures that inhabit it––that offers me both inspiration and motif in my work. Though painting and drawing have long been integral to my artistic pursuits, over the past several years I have been drawn to printmaking, specifically woodcuts. It is the physicality of the process that attracts me to this art form. The woodcut is a drawing carved in a block of wood––a distillation of observation and experience and, for me, the quest to reveal an intimate and sometimes elusive truth about the subject. When carving with hand tools––knives, chisels, gouges––or when using a dremel, there is an immediacy and directness which totally engages me. I like the resistance of the wood. It imposes limitations that encourage an essential simplicity and, sometimes, a surprise, in the final print. When working on a woodblock, I am often able to subdue my thoughts and reach an almost meditative state.

Included in this website is a selected archive of paintings. These are works organized thematically and completed over a relatively long period.

With collage, I have diverged from the natural world as theme. By its very nature, collage is an assemblage of diverse elements, and the process allows for a more thoughtful and perhaps playful interplay of ideas.